About Me

David Bennett Galloway III is a multi-talented athlete poised to start his career in college football in the upcoming season. In high school, he excelled on the football team and track teams. During his four years of secondary school, Galloway received recognition for his academic achievements as well as his performance on the field. He anticipates playing college football in the near future. 

Sports History

As a high school sports player, David Bennett Galloway IIII played football from 2018 to 2021 at Chapin High School in Chapin, South Carolina, and ran track in the 2021-22 season at Chapin High. Participation in two sports requires a long-term commitment to physical fitness as the two seasons operate at different times. He credits participation in track with helping increase his speed as a running back, while football provided additional power for conquering new challenges at track meets. 

Academic History and Educational Background

Due to his academic excellence and achievement in sports, David Bennet Galloway III of Chapin was recognized as a WACH 57 scholar-athlete of the week. The award required stellar academic credentials, extracurricular achievements, and talent on the field or track. Galloway graduated from Chapin High School in spring 2022. 

Professional Qualifications and Experience

As a football player committed to rising through the ranks and reaching the college football level, Galloway learned the value of perseverance early. 

Dedication is essential for both a challenging training regimen and developing the stamina required to endure long football games. From following a comprehensive strength training routine to drilling for speed and monitoring his diet for the best performance possible, it's a discipline, and he embraces both the training and the competition. For his particular position as a running back, speed, agility, and balance are musts. A running back needs to pivot, stay focused, lunge, and push through to the end zone. 

Sporting also helped Galloway develop the ability to push through difficult times and stay true to himself while being part of a larger team. Participation in a team sport means embracing the common goal and taking direction without complaining, but on any team, each player retains the ability to make snap decisions on the field. Weighing the possibilities and the consequences of failure helped him develop strong decision-making skills when in a high-pressure situation. 

Developing these abilities early on makes it easier to move forward in college and professional sports and other career paths. 

Philanthropy and Charitable Involvement

Being highly involved in his community, David Bennett Galloway III has participated in many volunteer efforts independently, as a member of his football team, and with friends and family. 

A portion of his volunteer work was accomplished at Generations of Chapin, an assisted living community meeting the needs of Chapin's senior citizens. In the wintertime, he participated in caroling and Christmas festivities in Ballentine at the Lowman Home. The Heritage at Lowman is a non-profit ministry dedicated to helping older adults enjoy an independent life while benefiting from access to a supportive community as they age. A bright spot for Galloway was the Senior Citizens Global Eagle Evening in 2020. 

He was also an extremely active volunteer with the Screaming Eagles Special Needs Athletics. Screaming Eagles is a non-profit dedicated to helping schools and colleges embrace diversity through the formation of realistic athletic environments and programs adapted to meet the needs of any athlete with special needs. Local sports teams and volunteers engage with the athletes to foster a true feeling of community and understanding. For many of the Chapin athletes, such as David Bennet Galloway III, the events are a sharing opportunity that provides the volunteers with a new perspective and new friends. 

Accomplishments and Achievements

In addition to volunteering, Galloway stayed active throughout high school in a variety of extracurricular activities outside of sports. He participated in student government each year and counted it as one of his proudest achievements. 


David Bennett Galloway III's Chapin career included receiving the High School Sports Award for 2020 football.  He was named Offensive Player of the Year, was also nominated for Player of the Week in his local newspaper many times, and was also a scholar-athlete of the week. 

He was named WACH 57 Player of the Game in 2020, as well as all-state and all-region football. In 2021, he was named to the all-region track team and was a Jamboree Player of the Game. 


Galloway set a new school record for the 200-meter dash. 

Personal Interests and Hobbies

In addition to maintaining an active interest in sports on the field, Bennett closely follows collegiate and professional football as he plans a future in college sports. He also remains interested in expanding athletic opportunities to individuals with special needs, as he did with Screaming Eagles Special Needs Athletics.


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