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A multi-talented athlete poised to start his career in college football in Chapin

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David Bennett Galloway III is a young man of many talents. A standout athlete, he has excelled in football and track during his high school career. He is also an excellent student, garnering recognition for his academic achievements as well as his athletic prowess. Galloway looks forward to continuing his football career in college and making his family proud. Galloway will be starting at the University of Louisiana Monroe in the 2022 school year and will return to play for the Warhawks in the fall of 2023 as a freshman. He participated in four games this past season and was able to treat 2022 as a Redshirt year. In college football, a Redshirt year allows an athlete to train and practice with the team without it counting as one of only four years an athlete can compete in college. This means that when Bennett starts as a freshman in 2023, he will have the opportunity complete four years with the ULM football program. 

On January 11, Bennett returned to ULM for his spring semester after a much-needed month-long winter break and a family vacation to Cabo San Lucas. While he enjoyed getting away, he is already looking forward to a spring semester filled with academic challenges and football preparations, including winter workouts like football-focused weightlifting and conditioning exercises. The team's formal football practice schedule for spring also kicks off in March 2023 and will last for approximately four weeks as a prelude to more extensive training prior to the fall semester kickoff.

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